• Where do you ship to? If you're located ANYWHERE in North Dakota, Minnesota, or South Dakota we ship to you. Yes, that's right small towns, we're talking to you. :)

• How does shipping costs work? We ship our products through USPS. Products are charged based on their weight. A good way to understand the cost of shipping per product is roughly $0.50 per pound. Therefore, products like rice and flours will cost more due to their weight.

• What if I can't find the item I need online? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We don't have all of our retail store items online, but we will try our best to accommodate and find a way to get the product you need to your home.

• Why not use Amazon? Great question. Like all good shoppers, we like good deals and nice prices. Due to the simplicity of our distribution, we don't have heavy overheads like Amazon, meaning - awesome prices for you!

• How soon can I expect my goods? If we receive your order before 11 am, we'll have USPS pick up your goods same day. After USPS picks it up, it usually takes 2-5 days. 

• How does shipping frozen/perishable goods work? One of our brightest accomplishments is that we ship frozen meats, vegetables, etc. For orders like this, we will call the customer after the order and coordinate with them a time and place to receive the order. We most commonly ship these orders through bus service and have the customer pick it up from their local bus depot as it's most cost effective, or we package it in ICE and ship it to your house with 1-day shipping.

• We love you, FargoFresh! How do we thank you? We're flattered :) The most humbling thank you we can receive is a review and a share.